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Die Einheit von Geist und Körper

Die Einheit von Geist und Körper

2 Min.
April 13, 2011

Ayn Rand rejected the dichotomy between mind and body and correlate dichotomies such as theory vs. practice, the moral vs. the practical, reason vs. emotion, and love versus lust. In Atlas Shrugged, she illustrated the unity of mind and body in speeches and thrilling scenes such as the first running of the John Galt Line. Explore how this principle shows up in Rand's treatment of work and love, and in her exalted view of technology and industry.


1. The principle in love and work
2. Plot implementation and characterization: Rearden's struggle, the John Galt Line, Galt the inventor vs. Stadler the theorist
3. Clearest statement of the theme: The engine room on the John Galt Line, Francisco's sex speech, Galt's speech
4. Buried riches: The sanctity of industry

NOTE: This program is a part of the "'Atlas Shrugged' as a Philosophical Novel" lecture series presented at The Atlas Society's 2006 Summer Seminar. Other lectures from the series can be found linked below:

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