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Why John Galt is an inventor

Why John Galt is an inventor

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September 3, 2014

Dale B. Halling patent attorney explains why is John Galt an inventor? (Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand)

ATLAS SUMMIT 2014 -- Why did John Galt say: “I was an inventor. I was one of a profession that came last in human history and will be first to vanish on the way back to the sub-human?” Today, there is an all-out attack on inventors.

Effective property rights for inventors are relatively new, dating from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Currently, patent rights are under assault from all ends of the political spectrum and almost everywhere around the world. Was Ayn Rand wrong when she said, “Patents … are the legal implementation of the base of all property rights”?

Dale B. Halling is a patent attorney, with a BSEE, an MS in Physics, and a JD. As a patent attorney, Halling worked as in-house counsel for Motorola and then started his own practice in Colorado Springs, where he has done work for Fortune 500 companies, startups, and individual inventors protecting their inventions in the United States and around the world. Before that, Halling worked as an engineer on SDI and on test equipment. He is the author of The Decline and Fall of the American Entrepreneur: How Little Known Laws and Regulations are Killing Innovation . He and his wife, Kaila Halling, are coauthors of the novel Pendulum of Justice . Dale is a named inventor on nine patents.

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